Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Month: February 2013

  • The Kitchen Dilemma

    My style has evolved over the years. I appreciate that things need to be comfortable, and you cannot impose a style on a structure that was not built with that style in mind (unless you want to spend BIG BUCKS). I have always allowed the house to tell me how it wants to look. I…

  • Modernizing My Mom and Her Bathroom.

    The 1960’s was generally an unfortunate time for houses. Mad Men aside, I cannot quite bring myself to embrace this era. Something was lost in the necessary transition from houses only for the wealthy, to houses for the rising middle class, and now available for the masses. Even the earlier era catalog houses from Sears,…

  • Reusing an Old Red Door

    My decorating career has come to a staggering halt. I am required to spend the next five Saturdays learning how to be a foster parent. Yes, I am already trying to look at the bright side. Perhaps I can apply any new techniques I learn to the brand-new teenager in the house instead. That may…

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