• What Child Is This?

    What Child Is This?

    A child that needs a whuppin’, that’s what. The other day, I casually asked this child to come here and she said…. with eyes of steel…. “Say please.”

  • What is Vintage?

    What is Vintage?

    There is slow fashion and slow design, so why not add slow aging? Something like being present in the now but with an appreciation for the past and lessons learned. The point is not to stop the process of aging, but to embrace the idea of an accumulated wisdom, and do it with style. According […]

  • The Kulich Baby

    The Kulich Baby

    He carried the batter like a baby with him in the car, strapped in, with the seat heat on, for his morning bike ride. He recruited his biking friends to work in the 12 cups of flour and knead it for 45 minutes. He then drove it back, seat heat still on, and set it to rise in a metal bowl to nap in the sun.

  • Where Do Babies Come From?

    Where Do Babies Come From?

    I found out I was pregnant by falling down the stairs. Pregnancy does mess with your balance, it’s true. I was always thin and fairly athletic, so it felt like suddenly I was inhabiting an alien body, off-kilter and even hungrier the The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

  • Reflections & Change

    Reflections & Change

    My dear readers, I have been remiss and have not properly updated you! We are the owners of five new Pandemic Pets. We covet the title of “Chicken Momma,” argue over who loves them best, and whether or not we can market chicken poop as dog treats.