Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Category: Art

  • Vintage & Vogue

    Last Christmas I was shopping at an arts fair in DC and was stopped dead in my tracks by the most gorgeous poster I had ever seen. I quickly ran through my Christmas list to see who HAD to have this as their gift and came up short. Not one person on my Christmas list…

  • Profile of a Bookworm

    I have always loved books. I once read that you burn more calories reading a book than watching television. Perhaps because your brain is so active imagining all the possibilities while you are reading. Or maybe your brain is just busy digesting information, whether it is fiction or not. I love to read and I…

  • The Great Wall of Beltsville

    My wall started as a collection of black and white photographs. The very first two were from a photography studio in England and given to us as a wedding present from a dear college friend. The photographs have grown to fill up the space over my sofa. Each photograph has a story or represents a…

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