Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • Just Clean It

    Just Clean It

    This post brought to you by a budget-friendly suggestion. I renovated my kitchen today. It took 3 hours. I reclaimed at least half the counter space and got rid of the most random 3 cubic feet of sh*** that was all over. It was glorious and the cost was $0 dollars.

  • What is Vintage?

    What is Vintage?

    There is slow fashion and slow design, so why not add slow aging? Something like being present in the now but with an appreciation for the past and lessons learned. The point is not to stop the process of aging, but to embrace the idea of an accumulated wisdom, and do it with style. According…

  • A Long Awaited Photoshoot

    A Long Awaited Photoshoot

    This post is to prevent Community Forklift from having the complete scoop on my bathroom. I’ve been prodded into action by a co-worker, because Community Forklift has a blog-post scheduled about sustainability and design, featuring MY bathroom. Why, what bathroom is that? The one we’ve just added, of course! The others already existed, so their…

  • Turf Wars

    Turf Wars

    I have occupied every corner of this house. Admittedly, it’s not that big for a house, but still. As soon as I create a space in which to work, it gets taken over by someone I might be related to. A troubling discovery that is problematic. I finally carved out a space I don’t think…

  • And so it goes….

    And so it goes….

    This post was specifically requested by a fan. I will do my very best. The fan/reader/mom, who shall remain anonymous, posed the question, “How does one get into the mood for Christmas, or any holiday, during a pandemic?” Good question. I have no idea. They asked, would you please write a blog post on that?…

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