Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • Reflections & Change

    Reflections & Change

    My dear readers, I have been remiss and have not properly updated you! We are the owners of five new Pandemic Pets. We covet the title of “Chicken Momma,” argue over who loves them best, and whether or not we can market chicken poop as dog treats.

  • My Trash Story

    Since working at Community Forklift for three years now, I’ve taken to a different view of dumpster diving. It’s a sort of rescue mission, a diversionary tactic for landfill-headed junk. I am not a dumpster diver…. I AM SAVING THE EARTH! This is an empowering feeling, even if the skeptics call it spin. I never exactly felt bad…

  • Nighttime in New York

    Nighttime in New York

    Inspiration. Where does it come from?  That depends on you. Right now, life is too full. I am grasping at inspiration like a drowning victim reaching for air. Buried beneath a barrage of deadlines and yet still able to find hours to waste online. Craving a moment of beauty, no matter how insignificant. Reaching for hope.…

  • Texture through Art

    Texture through Art

    Texture. It is so important. In design, it’s the element that brings the POP! and the WOW! factor to your space. Like the humor in a speech or the color in a drawing. Without texture, your space would ultimately be dull and flat.   These pieces hanging in my dining room serve as a reminder…

  • Urban Landscapes

    Photography is now accessible for the average Joe. I know this is not a kosher idea, and the idea of creating art with your phone is foreign to some, but you can capture cool images with your phone. (Photographers, please send your hate mail to Then frame them and hang them on the wall.…

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