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Color Inspiration: Turquoise!

I love the color turquoise. It evokes summer, beach glass, and a natural beauty that is not too nature-y. 

Beach glass necklace.

Beach glass necklace.

Looking around the house, it is not obvious how much I love this color. As if on a scavenger hunt, I went looking for the color turquoise.

Turquoise Candlestick.

Turquoise Candlestick.

Ceramics are a great way to show off your favorite color, whatever it may be.

Turquoise Dishes.

Turquoise Dishes.

My dishes are all turquoise. I love the way they bring out the palest color blue in the tile on my table.

My dining room table with pale blue tiles.

My dining room table with pale blue tiles.

I embrace the entire range of turquoise! As if I were a bee and could see the whole color spectrum before me. From pale to dark, from greens to blues. I use multiple hues of turquoise throughout the house.

Turquoise mosaic icon.

Turquoise Mosaic Icon.

Here on my (still to-do list) porch, I have hung a mosaic icon of the Holy Mother. She has a richly colored turquoise hair-thingy.

Together with color, you can draw inspiration from your heritage, your culture, or religion for your space.  This is an important aspect to creating a unique and comfortable space that is yours.

Turquoise and lime green pillow.

Turquoise and lime green pillow.

I love how the this turquoise pillow is paired with lime green, giving it’s traditional pattern an edgy flair.

The Birds!

The Birds!

More ceramics!

How do you use color? For me, it is simple: Simply Turquoise.

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I Fish My Wish!

I have a Guardfish. Right now you are probably wondering, “What type of fish is that, and how does it taste”? I mean the kind that sits by the front door and watches over the house. You know, in case Cocoa is asleep on the job.


So let me backtrack a little. I was shopping in a “nicer than I can afford” antique store and I saw this ceramic fish. I was intrigued by it, but I could not pay $65 for a ceramic fish. I went home a little sad, with no fish.

Ceramic fish.

A $65 Ceramic Fish.

The next day, I was shopping in the “a little more affordable GW & Co.,” and saw another fish. A plastic one for $4.44. I smiled and thought, “now this is more like it”.

I was so anxious to transform my fish before anyone actually saw what I had purchased, that I barely had time to get a picture in it’s original condition. I was even a little embarrassed by him in the checkout line. I always wonder what they think of my crazy purchases, but so it goes. One must suffer for one’s art.

Before Fish.

The fish is actually quite heavy for plastic, and has a bit of heft to him. I quickly slapped some white high-gloss paint all over him and let him dry overnight. I applied a second coat the next day and set him in the sun to dry.

During Fish.

 I love the shiny gloss finish on him. He is unexpected and a little bit quirky. Kind of like me.

Through the door.

Now, he sits by my front door in the vestibule and stands guard. Although admittedly, he is not very scary.

After Fish.

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