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Ode to Coffee

Coffee, sweet nectar of life, you rise out of the chaos of my morning, hot and steamy. You fill me with joy at each sip, even as the baby throws her cereal across the room and the dog chases the cat through the house, toppling everything in their wake.



You provide the mystery to my day, as I wander through the house wondering where I last left you. The thrill at discovering you once again lifts my spirit, only to discover you’ve gone cold.



You give me exercise as I trot back and forth to the microwave to warm you up, alert with anticipation. Coffee, sweet nectar of life, I savor your rich and roasted flavor….

A really good wine.


Wait, is that a glass of wine for me?

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The Boudoir

Sometimes, I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. Let me rephrase that. Almost every day, I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. I wish I was a morning person. I crave that happy, post-good-night’s-sleep, alert and cheery mood. It almost never comes. And when it does, you just better watch out, because I am apt to do somethin’ crazy, like start up this blog, or refinance the mortgage. This is why I love coffee so much. With its help, it is as close as I come to being a morning person imposter.

The Boudoir.

The Boudoir.

This leads me to…. The Bedroom. My boudoir is clearly a space where I spend a lot of time. It is not the largest bedroom in the house (my almost teenager has that one) but it is cozy and warm, and when I need a place to hide from the world, or even my children, it is perfect.

Walnut Cabinets line one wall.

Walnut Cabinets line one wall, for much needed storage.

The room is painted yellow, Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Butter. This color name makes me think of Croissants and French Toast, which ultimately lead to thoughts of coffee: my favorite and the only reason I get up at all sometimes. I love the name of this paint color and spent several days agonizing over how bright it seemed at first until all the furniture was in, and everything was in place, which helped to soften the look of it.

My Reading Corner.

My Reading Corner, with a sheepskin remnant on the chair.

As the weather gets chilly, I thought a few simple tips to “winterize” your boudoir were in order. Add a quilt or throw to the foot of the bed. This will make it feel warm and inviting. Throw an old piece of sheepskin or anything furry to add a bit of fuzzy texture. I did this on the red reading chair. Ignore that bright overhead light and add lamps for a softer light that is good for reading… and any other bedroom activities that come to mind. A rug on the floor is crucial and will make the room feel cozy and warm under your feet.

The Master Bedroom.

This small bedroom has lots of storage.

Even the dog approves!

Even the dog approves!

With the cold outside, I want to curl up in my bed and hibernate. You should too, just cozy-up your bedroom a little first, and watch and see if your mood improves too.

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