Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • An Old Church Cornice

    No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post. My friend, who will remain nameless to protect her identity, and I had an adventure. On a recent excursion to Community Forklift, we spotted treasure: Antiquities! Or something like it. It was definitely a cool piece of architectural…. something. Something that I knew I had […]

  • Hidden Treasure

    The mini-tyrant and I had a very exciting morning. After sipping coffee together and throwing some blocks around, we photographed a finished dining room. A dining room that we helped create. It started with talk of paint colors, admiring the old chicken-feeder collection, and snowballed into cashing in some old savings bonds. Actually, this entire […]

  • The Perfect Tool

    No, it is not my husband. Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Drill I have to report that I have found the perfect tool. I am unstoppable with this little, cute and lightweight drill. It was a gift for my husband, but I think I may run off with it. Portrait of the tools. Secondo and I put […]

  • The Dining Room Saga

    I had this idea that I would replace the light fixture in the dining room with a fa-beaux new one. The old ceiling mount fixture was #1 on my hit list, and it had to go. I wanted something large-scale, that did not obstruct the visual space, something that said WOW! I wanted the room to have […]

  • Re-think and Recycle

    I’ve been thinking about recycling lately. I am trying to fit my stuff into a new house and make it look as if it was always intended for THIS space, even though it wasn’t. On a purely practical front, people cannot go out and buy new stuff every time they move. The idea of repurposing […]