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Indi go go

Sometimes the best results come when you break the rules. It is easy to get wrapped up in what you SHOULDN’T do. For example, using dark colors on the walls will make a space seem cramped and small or closed in.

I want to take a different approach. How about using dark colors on the wall to add drama or make my art pop? What if I use dark colors to highlight what I like best about my house: my art? What about using dark colors to make it feel cozy?


Indigo Inspiration.

Art galleries do this. You will go into a gallery and the walls will be a deep royal blue and then migrate to a purple-y burgundy and move on into a hunter green. Against those rich colors, the rich colors in the art shimmer and shine, as you move from gallery to gallery.

I am going dark. In the kitchen. Breaking all the rules. It is a small space, with only two sources of natural light. But I have a feeling that this is the right thing here.

Art wall in the kitchen.

Art wall in the kitchen.

Next week I may be eating crow and taking it all back but a bright white ceiling, a new ceiling fan and indigo walls sound dramatic to me. The Benjamin Moore color name is Indi go go. It is speaking to me and I am  up for giving it a try. Navy blue, here we come.

Benjamin Moore Indi go go.

Benjamin Moore Indi go go.

 After all, it is only paint and broken rules.

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