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#Window Shopping

On a recent trip to Lynchburg, Virginia, I was able to spend some time just strolling around town with Prima. One advantage of having an older child is you can occasionally pretend they are adults. They are good company that way, when the mood strikes.

Living with a mini-tyrant (baby), who tries to rule the roost, we both feel the need to occasionally escape and engage in some therapy. In this case it was fantasy-retail therapy, which is almost as good as plain-old retail therapy.

I ♥ this window display!

I ♥ this window display!

The baby, a naturally advanced and highly-intelligent little individual, has mastered the art of the tantrum, at 18 months.

Urban Merchant display

Notice the little bird cage light fixture!

We needed an outing, and on this excursion, we even found some new friends: Meet Margo. She was a little camera shy.


Meet Margo.

These little downtown areas are a great way to find inspiration. Away from box stores, you can stop in artsy shops, or just draw inspiration from their edgy and unique window displays. It is this show of creativity that lures you inside and tries to separate you from your money. For me, this is living on the edge.

Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.

Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.

To save you the suspense, they did get a little of my money. I can’t wait to show you the cool light fixture I bought for the office. But right now, I think I hear a tantrum coming on…. Until next time my dear readers, if I am still sane.

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