Citrosa, Herbs & Mosquitoes

I was recently inspired by my mom, who was rubbing the leaves of a geranium plant on her skin, to plant some mosquito-repellent plants. Moms are so smart.

Mosquito Fighter!

Mosquito Fighter!

I ran to Behnke’s, our local nursery, and found this cute tag on a plant called “Citrosa.” It smells strongly of citronella and claims, with comic-book size proportion, to fight mosquitoes. Who could resist? I left the sign in the pot, to scare away the mosquitoes scarecrow-style.

Mosquito Fighter!

Mosquito Fighter!

I bought several of these “Citrosa” geraniums. Other flowers that repel mosquitoes include marigolds and ageratum too.

Next up, herbs! I planted a variegated basil and moved some regular basil out to the deck as well. The strong smell of many herbs claim to fight off mosquitoes including lemongrass, thyme, and several varieties of mint.

Variegated Basil Plant.

Variegated Basil Plant.

I gathered up pots and found a few more at the thrift store. I am going to continue to add plants to the deck until the mosquitoes stop biting me. It will be a no-bite zone and the neighborhood kids will flock to my deck for protection.

Potted Plant Corner

Potted Plant Corner

Gardening takes on a sadistic-type pleasure when it involves exiling the mosquito. I love it when beauty and function come together.

No Mosquito Zone.

No Mosquito Zone.

That is my kind of design.

© copyright 2013 Mariam d’Eustachio.

7 thoughts on “Citrosa, Herbs & Mosquitoes

  1. HI MARIAM….THIS is one of your very best postings. I hate mosquitoes. Will plant citrosa, too. Love, PAT

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  3. Hi Everyone, I really appreciate this post. Is it working? Does the Citrosa and Herbs help against the mosquito fight? Thank you! I appreciate your help, Carolyn

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I have not noticed that this really helps cut down on mosquitoes, unless you actually rub the oils of the Citrosa plant directly on your skin. It does not seem to make much difference just having them around in pots. I have discovered a very nice natural mosquito repellant that I can recommend if you are interested.

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