Shutdown 101

I am trying to focus on the positive. For instance: Why yes I AM the sole breadwinner of the house! Doesn’t that give me a sense of accomplishment? Well, no, since we would all starve if that was normally the case.

How does one cope with a government shutdown when one’s spouse works for the government? Well, assuming he is not too exhausted from reading the classifieds, I have come up with a way to keep him busy…The Old Honey-Do List!

As we are approaching the fourth day of an unexpected furlough, and since we can’t cry in front of the kids on a regular basis, I am thinking up things to keep us busy.

Random Rocks = Chaos.

Random Rocks = Chaos.

Like MOVING ROCKS. This is a free, stress-relieving activity that is actually quite satisfying. Think Yoga but with more bulging muscles. And it looks awesome. (The rocks, not the muscles.)

We relocated all of the scattered flagstones around the driveway and imposed order on our surroundings by building a path with them. It looks much better and did I mention this was cheaper than going to the gym?

Aaaaah order.

Aaaaah order. 

We are working on the yard, making regular trips to the free mulch pile, and sprucing things up. However, we may have to be furloughed for a year to finish our yard, otherwise known as “The Wild Kingdom.” But it’s a start.

Flagstone path.

Flagstone path.

The Honey-Do List is as long as my arm and I am truly excited to dedicate some hefty hubby resources to getting things done around here. He is excited to have anything to keep his mind off of the fact that he is not working and not getting paid.

Goldenrod from the garden.

Goldenrod from the garden.

I added some flowers to the table, mess and all, to bring in some cheer and set a pot of lentils on the stove. If you need a cheap and incredibly tasty meal for your family, then click here for the best lentil recipe ever. If you are not affected by the government shutdown, thank your lucky stars and call your congressman anyway. And give the lentils a try; yes they are that good.

© copyright 2013 Mariam d’Eustachio at Simply Turquoise.

2 thoughts on “Shutdown 101

  1. So satisfying to visit with you last night. The flowers are so beautiful and compliment your room’s colors so much. Looking forward to your next post when we get through the gov. shutdown.


  2. Thanks, Pat! Me too. I’d love to hear what other people are doing with their unexpected free time, here in the comments section. After you call your congressman!

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