Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

A Summer Party!

I blame Pinterest. However, the photograph below is not from Pinterest, but from my backyard last Friday evening.


A Summer Party!
A Summer Party!

I have a beautiful yard, a beautiful husband, and a knack for stressing him out with my big ideas. I wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday in style while he just wanted to forget about it.

Diane Daly's Jazz Trio.
Diane Daly’s Jazz Trio.

Pinterest is eye candy for decorator types. Stunning visuals at your fingertips that make one lust for all things better around the house.

A "Cheesecake".
A “Cheesecake”.

Last Friday evening I threw a party that was worthy of Pinterest. Except it was better. On Pinterest you don’t get to hear the jazz trio playing, or taste the lobster canapés. You don’t get to feel the breeze, smell the wildflowers or watch the candlelight glimmer and the children run around with sparklers. It was magical and it was REAL.

A Cake Made of Cheese
A Cake Made of Cheese

Then there was the cheese. I made a cake out of cheese. This “cheesecake” was made of Fontina, an organic smoked Creamy Jack, and Camembert. I cut up fresh figs and sprinkled the cheese with blackberries. I used mini chalkboards for labels. It was enough cheese to please Wallace, Gromit and a hoard of people at my party. It was both easy and elegant, perfect for a beautiful summer evening.

© Mariam d’Eustachio @ Simply Turquoise 2014.

4 responses to “A Summer Party!”

    • Yes, it was like Bilbo’s one-hundred and eleventh! Fortunately, there was no disappearing act to follow, or a house full of dwarves and wizards! Only mess…


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