Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • A Long Awaited Photoshoot

    A Long Awaited Photoshoot

    This post is to prevent Community Forklift from having the complete scoop on my bathroom. I’ve been prodded into action by a co-worker, because Community Forklift has a blog-post scheduled about sustainability and design, featuring MY bathroom. Why, what bathroom is that? The one we’ve just added, of course! The others already existed, so their…

  • Turf Wars

    Turf Wars

    I have occupied every corner of this house. Admittedly, it’s not that big for a house, but still. As soon as I create a space in which to work, it gets taken over by someone I might be related to. A troubling discovery that is problematic. I finally carved out a space I don’t think…

  • And so it goes….

    And so it goes….

    This post was specifically requested by a fan. I will do my very best. The fan/reader/mom, who shall remain anonymous, posed the question, “How does one get into the mood for Christmas, or any holiday, during a pandemic?” Good question. I have no idea. They asked, would you please write a blog post on that?…

  • This Couch is Stalking Me!

    This Couch is Stalking Me!

    It’s true. I surf for sofas. I know exactly what I want…. and so does my phone. Let this be a warning to you. Even if I lost my brain, my phone might serve as a decent substitute. The couch I have zeroed in on pops up in my fitness app. (I know, you’re shocked…

  • Inside the Hammock

    Inside the Hammock

    I forgot to tell you about the hammock. Yes, the one inside the house. It’s not a traditional style hammock, the type you hang between trees or suspend in a stand, but rather more like a hanging chair and it’s one of my favorite spots. My favorite spot. It took awhile to get it right.…

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