Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • A Scandalous Past

    Well, it’s happened. An uprising has formed amongst the Simply Turquoise readers. A grassroots movement to Save the F-Table. I am happy to report that the F-Table is recovering nicely. It had a short stay in rehab and is now presentable. Its scandalous past is buried under layers of…. maps and Mod Podge. In the […]

  • Because You Can’t ALWAYS Shop at the GoodWill.

    One of the nicest gifts I ever received was a collection of recipes, from the “Food” section of The Washington Post, gathered and organized into a photo album. It was so personal and thoughtful. Now you know why I married him. The Holiday Season is upon us. I am one of those disgusting people who […]

  • Symmetrical Force!

    sym-me-try, noun 1. the correspondence in size, form,and arrangement of parts on opposite sides of a plane, line, or point; regularity of form or arrangement in terms of like, reciprocal, or corresponding parts. Symmetry is a force to be reckoned with. In design, it provides balance and adds a sort of equilibrium to a space. […]

  • The Dining Room Saga

    I had this idea that I would replace the light fixture in the dining room with a fa-beaux new one. The old ceiling mount fixture was #1 on my hit list, and it had to go. I wanted something large-scale, that did not obstruct the visual space, something that said WOW! I wanted the room to have […]

  • The Other Woman

    There is another woman in my life. I snuck her into my home, only hoping my husband wouldn’t notice. She served the dual purpose of beauty and function in one. I was intrigued by this see-through lady and wanted her to hold toilet paper rolls and the clothes I was constantly discarding all over the […]