Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Because You Can’t ALWAYS Shop at the GoodWill.

Christmas Tree at Lucy and Ethel's in Savage Mill, Maryland.

One of the nicest gifts I ever received was a collection of recipes, from the “Food” section of The Washington Post, gathered and organized into a photo album. It was so personal and thoughtful. Now you know why I married him.

The Holiday Season is upon us. I am one of those disgusting people who loves every minute of it. I do not have a single Scrooge-y bone in my body. I think every last gift through, and make sure the teachers have something homemade to take home. My feminist mother is regularly appalled by this.

This is a gift guide, in case you do not have a years’ worth of newspapers sitting around, or time to bake. We have thought up unique ideas, from the finicky to the adored on your list, and you will not be disappointed.

Bond.... James Bond.

This is a fabulous coffee table book. It radiates cool…. I love it and have given it as a gift before. It is available at Amazon for $51.

Ricki the Cheese Queen!

This gift is for the overachiever in your life. The one who roasts his own coffee beans and brews his own beer. I own this as well and it is chock full of goodies. You would never believe how easy it is to make cheese! This starter kit is only $50 and is available from Ricki the Cheese Queen Herself!

Customizable Yoga Mat!

From GAIAM this yoga mat is for your exercise buddy! Choose your own design or color, or choose one of the ready-made designs like the one pictured above. Reasonably priced at $29.50, this is a must have!

Whiskey Rocks.

For the alcoholic on your list… We all have (at least) one! Keep your drink cold without diluting it.  From Uncommon Goods and priced at only $19.50, this is a steal. Course, they are only rocks… just sayin’.

Mommy's Sippy Cup.

This one was recently given to me as a gift. I have no idea where to get it, but you could buy some plain glasses and paint them. Give them to your nearest and dearest Mommy friends and don’t forget the wine!

Vintage Cakes!

I fell in love with the cover of this one. A cookbook from The Smithsonian, and priced at only $24, how can you resist?

Dog Bed!

For your beloved…. dog. A bed made from your old t-shirts. A removable duvet cover so the dog can smell you, but you don’t have to smell it! Genius! Check your local gourmet pet store. I got mine from Mighty Healthy Pet, but it is available on-line as well. and is made by Molly Mutt. It cost a total of $24, for both pieces.


The Smithsonian does it again! A hoodie ($35) that does double-duty! What a great gift for a kid of any age.

Art and Puzzles.

One stop shopping at The Smithsonian. They have great ideas for kids. This Art Puzzle Box has a different masterpiece on each side and is priced at $39. Beware as side effects  may cause your head to explode or learn about Modern Art, either one. This is for someone who enjoys a challenge, a win win!

Simply Turquoise hopes you have a warm and safe Holiday!

© copyright 2012 Mariam d’Eustachio.

7 responses to “Because You Can’t ALWAYS Shop at the GoodWill.”

  1. The gift shop at the National Museum of Women in the Arts is one of the best I’ve seen for both adults/children. Thanks for your collection of gift sights. I can hardly believe the season is upon us. PAT


  2. Wait a minute….someone gave me a cheese making kit….I’m not an overachiever. Love the sippy cup…might make my mom one!!! I love Christmas too.


  3. What a fun blog entry – we all loved it – you are so much fun! 🙂 And yes, we love to “do up” Christmas, too! (No room for Scrooges here, either! 🙂 We sing carols every day for the 12 days of Christmas, and put up more decorations than New York City …) Love your fun gift ideas!! May your Christmas be truly merry and bright!! 🙂


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