Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • An Old Church Cornice

    No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post. My friend, who will remain nameless to protect her identity, and I had an adventure. On a recent excursion to Community Forklift, we spotted treasure: Antiquities! Or something like it. It was definitely a cool piece of architectural…. something. Something that I knew I had […]

  • Hidden Treasure

    The mini-tyrant and I had a very exciting morning. After sipping coffee together and throwing some blocks around, we photographed a finished dining room. A dining room that we helped create. It started with talk of paint colors, admiring the old chicken-feeder collection, and snowballed into cashing in some old savings bonds. Actually, this entire […]

  • Make Yourself at Home

    Drumroll please….  Introducing Fellow Coastie, Ultimate Frisbee player, and friend, Bill Putnam. He takes incredible pictures and agreed to write a post for me. He is one of those people you feel a little bit jealous of, always jet-setting around and just enjoying life to the fullest. This post is pure blog candy. And Now…. […]

  • I Fish My Wish!

    I have a Guardfish. Right now you are probably wondering, “What type of fish is that, and how does it taste”? I mean the kind that sits by the front door and watches over the house. You know, in case Cocoa is asleep on the job. So let me backtrack a little. I was shopping […]

  • Snoopy Comes To Town…

    Today, my dear readers, I have a treat for you. A peak into one of my dearest friend’s homes. This home was built by her husband, board by board, bit by bit, and is custom throughout.  Over the years, they have added touches of exotic flavor everywhere through subtle details. Even their two little French […]