Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Snoopy Comes To Town…

Today, my dear readers, I have a treat for you. A peak into one of my dearest friend’s homes. This home was built by her husband, board by board, bit by bit, and is custom throughout.  Over the years, they have added touches of exotic flavor everywhere through subtle details. Even their two little French doggies are a perfect match for this home’s somewhat formal style.

AKA Chazaford and Foxanne.

The breed: Coton de Tulear. (Yup. Go ahead and google it too.)









However, the dogs sort of fall into the category of “form over function” as they are cute but not so useful. Unless you are a burglar, in which case they will bark at you until you go deaf.

Every piece of furniture is carefully placed. The mix of antiques and casual comfort lends it a formal flair, without being stuffy. In the corner of the Family Room, old photos are hung to make up a “tree” of family.

Family Room.
Ceramic Side Table.

The retro touches here and there add a bit of fun.

The colors are soft and neutral, easily blending from one room into the next, with the occasional accent that says, Pop!

Wall Detail.

Recently, my friend stenciled an entire bedroom wall with a Moroccan pattern. The effect is gorgeous.

Moroccan Stenciled Bedroom Wall.
Dining Room Ceiling.
Dining Room Ceiling.

Paint is used throughout the house to accentuate the details and the craftsmanship. It brings attention to the moldings and here in the dining room, it draws the eye up.

However, my friend’s real passion is the garden. If you have a plant that you love, Beware!  It may go missing in the night! She will stop on the side of the road, get out her shovel, and dig up anything of interest.

Herons. One of many garden details.

This house is a unique blend of formal and casual style. It brings antiques into a comfortable setting and is unlike any other home I have been in. Even though it is relatively new in age, it retains the charm and elegance of an older home. My friend and I have been friends for nine years now and I have learned so much from watching her style evolve over the years. We have grown up together.

© copyright 2012 Mariam d’Eustachio.

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