Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Tag: Benjamin Moore Green Hydrangea

  • A Little Help From My Friends

    This week, I called in the cavalry. Decorating has been reduced to lusting after pillows in Target as I head for the grocery aisle, usually at some ungodly hour, wondering if I’m the only human who knows Target stays open this late. You may recall a post in which I photographed a few botanicals (Budget Botanicals)…

  • Budget Botanicals

    I have a long, empty hall at the top of the stairs. It is one of two interior spaces that still need to be painted and nothing has motivated me to tackle it. It is narrow and boring, and until now, I have had no desire to take it on. Then, I saw this idea:…

  • Cleansing the Palate

    In this new house, we are still in the drudgery of the “pesky little jobs list.” These are things that we have to do to make the house functional. It has nothing to do with decorating or adding my own flavor to every room. It is pure drudgery and we have to keep on keepin’…

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