A Little Help From My Friends

This week, I called in the cavalry. Decorating has been reduced to lusting after pillows in Target as I head for the grocery aisle, usually at some ungodly hour, wondering if I’m the only human who knows Target stays open this late.

You may recall a post in which I photographed a few botanicals (Budget Botanicals) from my yard. I printed them on photo paper and then framed them for a “gallery style” wall in my upstairs hallway. This hallway is too narrow for any furniture, and dwarfed any of the artwork I had to hang on it. Without any real light coming in, it was also dark.

The Botanicals.

The Botanicals Before.

The homemade botanicals looked great, but the wall did not. This week, I hired my friend to paint that hallway. The color is a color I have throughout my house in other places and is Benjamin Moore’s Green Hydrangea (CSP-850) from their Color Stories Collection. It is the color of a granny smith apple, and it brightens that space. The botanicals look so fresh and pretty against that wall color. Now the project is finally complete.

The Botanical Update.

The Botanical Update.


A narrow pass-through.

A narrow pass-through.

Benjamin Moore's Green Hydrangea.

Benjamin Moore’s Green Hydrangea.


Benjamin Moore- Green Hydrangea.

Benjamin Moore- Green Hydrangea.

If you stand at the bottom of the stairs, you see the downstairs hallway and the upstairs hallway together, and they complete a color circle as they are both painted in Green Hydrangea. This is an interesting effect and while I am a fan of color, the risk is to use too much or too many different colors in one house. I have achieved a balance here and the amount of color feels just right.

Peaking into the downstairs hallway.

Peaking into the downstairs hallway.


A view of both hallways at once.

A view of both hallways at once.

The best part was coming home to a project done. Sometimes we just need a bit of help.

 © copyright 2014 Mariam d’Eustachio at Simply Turquoise.


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