Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • My Trash Story

    Since working at Community Forklift for three years now, I’ve taken to a different view of dumpster diving. It’s a sort of rescue mission, a diversionary tactic for landfill-headed junk. I am not a dumpster diver…. I AM SAVING THE EARTH! This is an empowering feeling, even if the skeptics call it spin. I never exactly felt bad […]

  • Shower Doors-1, Marriage-0

    Shower Doors-1, Marriage-0

    Why does the word divorcee seem so glamorous? In my mind, that word evokes images of socialite Wallis Simpson, holding a martini and seeming free of obligations or burden. When I tell you that ripping out the shower doors in my downstairs bathroom almost caused the demise of my marriage, I am mostly not kidding. […]

  • A Little Help From My Friends

    This week, I called in the cavalry. Decorating has been reduced to lusting after pillows in Target as I head for the grocery aisle, usually at some ungodly hour, wondering if I’m the only human who knows Target stays open this late. You may recall a post in which I photographed a few botanicals (Budget Botanicals) […]

  • This Post Brought to You by…. Me!

    Two of the decorating blogs that I read on a regular basis, both had posts about how pretty the Kleenex box is, on the same day. It was a Kleenex marketing invasion. God save me from this type of success. The first thing I do when I get sick is scour the house looking for […]

  • The Dead of Winter

    I have no inspiring words for you. It is cold and dreary and if you were to take an “i” out of inspiring, you would get in-spring. But alas, we are not in-spring yet. Even the groundhog has dashed our hopes with a forecast of six more weeks of winter. I can’t blog because I […]