The Dead of Winter

I have no inspiring words for you. It is cold and dreary and if you were to take an “i” out of inspiring, you would get in-spring. But alas, we are not in-spring yet. Even the groundhog has dashed our hopes with a forecast of six more weeks of winter. I can’t blog because I am so easily distracted by Expedia offers and checking the “Wanna Get Away” deals on Southwest Airlines. The arctic, tundra-like landscape seems to be here for good.

But the other day, in the cool, crisp morning and freshly fallen snow, I was walking the dog and was struck by the quiet. There is nothing so still as a fresh snowfall. I seemed to be waiting an interminable amount of time for her to do her business, when I spotted the red head of a woodpecker. He was so bright in contrast to the white snow and the brown woods. He was singing his song and was alone in the landscape. This woodpecker was beautiful and my spirits were lifted. Perhaps, spring is not as far off as I think. In fact, we may already be over the hump.

So take heart! In between episodes of “Sherlock” and replacing the keys the baby keeps lifting off of my computer keyboard, I have a few projects simmering. I have officially started “The World’s Slowest Kitchen Renovation” with a found batch of hardware from Craig’s List. I scored 40 handles for $20. They are the shape I was looking for, but need to be painted. After consulting a friend who is a paint expert, I soaked them in a vinegar solution, primed and painted some of them. I have to wait for warmer weather to spray paint, but I have finished a few. Here is a sneak peak:

Vinegar solution.

Vinegar solution.





New hardware!

New hardware!

Okay, so far I’ve only done three.

What are you doing to shake this cold? I love to snuggle with my pup and drink some hot tea. Daydreaming about Benedict Cumberbatch warms me up a bit too. Excuse me, I think “Sherlock” is on again. Until next time!

© copyright 2014 Mariam d’Eustachio at Simply Turquoise.


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