Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Tag: found art

  • My Fair Lady

    I have had a crush on this girl for over a year. I first saw her at Behnke‚Äôs, our local nursery, and was caught off guard by her beauty. But I resisted. I saw her again on occasional trips, seeming regal among the plants and a bit out of place; I would sigh and move…

  • Community Forklift!

    My dear readers, I have been neglecting you. I am sorry. There is so much news to share, I am not sure where to start! I am working full-time. I know, right? Weird. I have never worked full-time in my life. Not counting the full-time mommy-ing, the orchestral musician and teacher thing, or even the…

  • Good News if You Are a Wino

    I have a lot of corks hanging around. When my kindergartner had to bring in 100 of something for the 100-day celebration at school, I happily suggested wine corks. In order to avoid the suggestion that my daughter was being raised by one or more winos, I thought maybe we should do something creative with…

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