My Fair Lady

I have had a crush on this girl for over a year. I first saw her at Behnke’s, our local nursery, and was caught off guard by her beauty.

My Fair Lady.

My Fair Lady.

But I resisted. I saw her again on occasional trips, seeming regal among the plants and a bit out of place; I would sigh and move along.

A glass bust.

A glass bust.

A year later, she was on sale. Just like that she was suddenly 50% off. I wondered why she had been cast off in this way. Unappreciated. It seemed cruel.

A non-traditional bust.

A non-traditional bust.

I love the mix of classical form and modern material. The glass creates an effervescent quality about her that makes her unique. She is not a traditional bust.

A glass bust.

A glass bust.

Now she has found her home. It is true art can be found anywhere if you keep your eyes open, even in the most unexpected places!

© copyright 2014 Mariam d’Eustachio at Simply Turquoise.

2 thoughts on “My Fair Lady

  1. Hi Mariam, Nicely done, again. i think the sheerness of the bust allows one to appreciate all of it when paired with other visuals. Looking forward to seeing in in real life. Thanks for the posting. PAT

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