Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

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  • Texture through Art

    Texture through Art

    Texture. It is so important. In design, it’s the element that brings the POP! and the WOW! factor to your space. Like the humor in a speech or the color in a drawing. Without texture, your space would ultimately be dull and flat.   These pieces hanging in my dining room serve as a reminder […]

  • My Fair Lady

    I have had a crush on this girl for over a year. I first saw her at Behnke’s, our local nursery, and was caught off guard by her beauty. But I resisted. I saw her again on occasional trips, seeming regal among the plants and a bit out of place; I would sigh and move […]

  • I Fish My Wish!

    I have a Guardfish. Right now you are probably wondering, “What type of fish is that, and how does it taste”? I mean the kind that sits by the front door and watches over the house. You know, in case Cocoa is asleep on the job. So let me backtrack a little. I was shopping […]

  • Jack London and His Square.

    If you threw a rock from Jack London Square in Oakland, you could hit Alaska. Well, at least the cabin Jack London lived in, during the Yukon gold rush in Alaska. Seeing that log cabin, so basic and an obvious tool of survival and necessity, surrounded by palm trees and a beautiful harbor, is a […]

  • The Other Woman

    There is another woman in my life. I snuck her into my home, only hoping my husband wouldn’t notice. She served the dual purpose of beauty and function in one. I was intrigued by this see-through lady and wanted her to hold toilet paper rolls and the clothes I was constantly discarding all over the […]