Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Jack London and His Square.

If you threw a rock from Jack London Square in Oakland, you could hit Alaska. Well, at least the cabin Jack London lived in, during the Yukon gold rush in Alaska. Seeing that log cabin, so basic and an obvious tool of survival and necessity, surrounded by palm trees and a beautiful harbor, is a strange site. A place where two worlds collide. Jack London, famed author of The Call of the Wild, The Sea WolfWhite Fang and other classic American novels and stories, is from Oakland, California. Thy have honored his memory and commemorated his work right in the middle of the city.

Jack London’s Alaskan cabin in Oakland, California.

This is a lovely tribute to Jack London and a reminder of the Alaskan frontier and the history of our great American West. Nearby, the Oakland farmer’s market, is the place to be on a weekend. The food, the produce, the colors, the art, are all a testament to the bounty that California has to offer.

California produce.

California seems so innovative. Buildings have green things growing up the sides (on purpose), the art is built into the streetscape, and soul food is offered up vegan. Only in California.


I tasted everything at the market: jams, olive oil, juicy nectarines, cherries, samosas and watched and chatted with an islander making pizza.  What an amazing place where so many cultures and backgrounds come crashing together and the result is this open-air market.

One day I will have one of these in my backyard.

The Art Show boasted everything from sculpture, to 3-dimensional works made with found objects like sticks, corks, and paint chips, to abstract art focused on color. These local artists displayed creative and novel pieces that could add charm or a conversation piece to any living room.

The farmer’s market in Oakland is a reminder that in Maryland, we raise chickens, but in California, they raise produce. The bounty is incredible and the scents, tastes, smells, and scenery add up to an inspiring and rich experience.

Jack London Square Mural.

If you ever find yourself in Oakland, go to the market and meet up with Jack London.

© copyright 2012 Mariam d’Eustachio.

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