Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Tag: farmer’s market

  • A Vintage Tree

    I challenge you, dear readers, to find a blogger who has put their Christmas tree up later than me. In fact, I challenge you to find ANY person (minus my Jewish friends) who has put their tree up later than me…. We put the tree up on Saturday, December 22nd. I do deserve a little…

  • Jack London and His Square.

    If you threw a rock from Jack London Square in Oakland, you could hit Alaska. Well, at least the cabin Jack London lived in, during the Yukon gold rush in Alaska. Seeing that log cabin, so basic and an obvious tool of survival and necessity, surrounded by palm trees and a beautiful harbor, is a…

  • Midnight Dumpster Dive

    Last night I went dumpster diving with the President Emeritus of the Diamond Hill Historical Society. Inspired by a fabulous day at the Community Market, I ended up peering into the dumpster outside of my neighbor’s house, at midnight, all because of a light fixture. What better way to end an evening of good company,…

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