Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Midnight Dumpster Dive

Last night I went dumpster diving with the President Emeritus of the Diamond Hill Historical Society. Inspired by a fabulous day at the Community Market, I ended up peering into the dumpster outside of my neighbor’s house, at midnight, all because of a light fixture.

What better way to end an evening of good company, wine, and catching up, than with a well-worn piece of reclaimed wood from the dumpster? I love Lynchburg.

The Community Market is a place to gather, run into your friends, shop for locally grown food, and to feast on a croissant from the best… bakery… ever.

With a full stomach, high spirits, and coffee, we walk around seeking inspiration. It comes easily in this place.

Nearby, we shop in the quaint antique stores. We are filled with the excitement that comes when you are on the prowl for treasure; but leave with only ideas swimming around in our heads and a mission: a mission to find a piece of reclaimed wood. Wood that we can use to recreate the light fixture we want, minus the $450 price tag. This is how we ended up in the dumpster at midnight, hauling out old boards full of nails.

Community markets and farmers’ markets are springing up all over the country as a way to support local, American-grown or American-made goods. This is becoming a way of life and not only leads to good food, great ideas, affordable art, but a healthy economy as well.

© copyright 2012 Mariam d’Eustachio

One response to “Midnight Dumpster Dive”

  1. This reminds me of when Steve and I dumpster dove in C-ville near UVA, much to Caleb’s horror. Steve found some very nice wood from a broken futon which he continues to use. No primitive art or distressed furniture made. Just some very nice repairs with reused wood. Reclaim, reuse, recycle. My parents from the depression era called it living wisely. Now it is vogue.


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