Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Tag: Young House Love

  • How To Install A Stair Runner

    I have had a runner rolled up in the closet for 11 months. This implies a sad backstory, and it is true, there is a sad backstory.┬áHere is a picture of the grim day, 1 year ago, when my project failed: I wanted a runner on my stairs, but did not want to spend the…

  • My Cabana Boy

    The world of blogging decorators is full of husbands. The behind-the-scenes kind that don’t grumble about having to hang a blind or put together furniture. At Young House Love, they work together as a team and live and breathe their blog and they are successful. I cannot begin to speculate about their marriage. I was…

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