Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Full Circle Farm

My grandmother is one interesting lady. If that has peaked your interest, go read her recently published memoir: Tempered With Fire, by Barbara Knox. At first I was worried that writing a blog would be too public, but then I read Grandma’s book and realized, there are no secrets left in this family. My little blog was nothing compared to her tell-all life and times growing up in Oklahoma, being married to a powerful doctor, surviving a horrible car accident, her twelve-year relationship with a woman, and toward the end of his life, re-kindling the relationship with my grandfather. This memoir is not for the faint of heart. Grandma is 88 and still full of life and spitfire, and I have always admired her.

Tempered With Fire by Barbara Knox.

In 1990 Grandma purchased a 150-acre farm, in south-central Pennsylvania, by herself. Her plan was to re-do the old farmhouse, have a big vegetable garden, and preserve some acreage for woods, walking, and a little peace and quiet. Of course this was a weekend farm, as she still worked during the week. The amazing thing is, she did it.

Sugar Maple at Full Circle Farm.

The beautiful sugar maple tree in front of the farm is a sight to behold and makes me feel glad for the coming fall. It evokes images of the wood-stove, apple pie, shelves lined up with canned goodies from the garden, and days and days of stripping wallpaper from the old plaster walls.

Vegetable garden.
Canned goodies from the garden







In my teenage years, I probably ingested my fair share of dust, grime and lead from that farm, helping Grandma whenever I could get up there for a visit. We spent many holidays there and this time of year brings all that nostalgia for the old farmhouse right back.

Do Not Enter: The Parlor.

Grandma decorated the farmhouse with comfort in mind. It was warm and cozy, and we were allowed in every room except the parlor. The rugs are braided or rag and the country style was perfectly suited to life on the farm.

Stenciled Stairs.
Dining room.
Dining room.

Even now, if I get the itch, I can go up to that farm, sweep out the dust and air out the house. It is pretty much the same even though Grandma does not live there full-time anymore. And this old farmhouse will always have a special place in my heart, particularly in the fall.

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6 responses to “Full Circle Farm”

  1. Wow – what a beautiful country get-away! 🙂 Looks like the perfect place to do some spinning and knitting! What a treasure to have a whole book written about the life of your grandma – what an amazing person!


  2. The maple in front of the farm house at Full Circle Farm is a sugar maple. It’s leaves turned bright red that year, but the are different every year, most often a yellow-organge.


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