Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

Please Welcome Our New Logo!

The new logo, designed by Angela Hunanian.

Designing a logo is not easy. I have been stumped by just the idea of it for a year now. The logo has to embody everything that your brand stands for in one little-tiny-picture. This seems overwhelming. How can a logo say all that Simply Turquoise means to me, in that little, tiny, picture? Impossible.

I consulted with a couple of professionals and gave up. They did not understand exactly what I wanted. Simply Turquoise is not a straightforward design business or blog. It’s about life, revealed in “Essays in Design & Décor.” For me, Simply Turquoise represents the writing as much as the design, together with the crunch of cheerios under your feet and the markers and stab wounds on your sofa. It’s about trying to live in a pretty space while chaos swarms around you. The way most of us mothers actually live. It is about inspiring you, so you can get through the day, the next project, and the glass of wine waiting for you in the evening.

Draft logo sketch.
Draft logo sketch, inspired by the turquoise lamp post.

Angela and I had a brainstorming phone session today that we had been looking forward to all week. It was to celebrate reaching 10,000 views on the Simply Turquoise website. We planned to drink coffee, while simultaneously disciplining the children, and having a Simply Turquoise planning session. We started working on the logo idea again and I got out my pencils and sketched a few ideas.

lamp post
Turquoise lamp post.

I used the lamp post photo from the Inspiration Page as a jumping off point. I refer to it as “the one that started it all,” kind of like the lamp post that greets Lucy as she enters Narnia.

As we talked, Angela was working in Photoshop, choosing fonts and came up with the winning design. The logo she created was simple, whimsical, and pretty. I decided to add the tag line “Interiors for Real Life.” This seemed to capture what we do here. We played with the dots around the edge and after a year of dogging me, we had created the logo.

The new logo, designed by Angela Hunanian.
The new logo, designed by Angela Hunanian.

Now with a real logo, I think we are on our way. So, I propose a toast… a toast to 10,000 views! Angela and I want to thank each and every one of you for the time that you spend here with us. Cheers!

© copyright Mariam d’Eustachio and Angela Hunanian 2013.

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