Peacock tail feathers up close.
Peacock tail feathers up close.

CAUTION! Extra Punctuation!

When I am King, overuse of the exclamation point will be a criminal offense. Punishable by at least one day in the stocks per extra exclamation point. I believe that there may also be a correlation between morning people and extracurricular use of the exclamation point. Perhaps even coffee is the culprit.

My fourth-grader has to invent something next week, maybe I will suggest anti-virus/exclamation point software that I can run occasionally to remove every extra exclamation point from my computer screen. I know, it seems a bit curmudgeonly, but there it is.

Funny that I feel this way as I asked Angela to write up a blog post about her awesome Moroccan-inspired dresser. And she did well. I felt as if I should put on my mean-teacher glasses when she handed it in. Surely she was expecting some sort of grade back…. D+ or worse. After all, I am thirteen years older. However, I liked the post, I just told her we needed to weed out some of the exclamation points. And her response was, “BUT I am so EXCITED about this that I had to use them!!!!!”

So, without further ado, I present Angela’s post with only one warning: CAUTION! Extra Punctuation…

Once I find something that I like, I gotta have it! I fell in LOVE with this pattern that I first saw on my friend’s bedding. I searched and searched for this pattern and for the name. I went to TJ Maxx and saw almost the exact same bedding: Moroccan! Thats it!
Moroccan bedding, inspiration.

I had to have it! I brought it home, and of course my lovely other half didn’t fall in love with it like I did, so it was war! But I thought, “hey if I can’t have it on my bed, I will put it somewhere!”

I had an old hand-me-down dresser that was originally dark blue. I painted it white and thought, “it looks too plain”. Lets go Moroccan!

plain white-painted dresser.
Cardboard stencil.
Pencil sketch.

I made my own stencil out of thick card stock. Measured the center of the dresser, and started with a pencil sketch. Next step was to begin painting!

I was liking the way this was going!

And Voila! I love it!


Next time I’ll tell you about the pictures above the dresser. This adventure involves the kids’ discovery of a secret passage, an old mouse-peed wallpaper book, and some bargain frames. Who knew design could be so much fun!

© copyright 2012 Angela Hunanian and Mariam d’Eustachio.

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