Reusing an Old Red Door

My decorating career has come to a staggering halt. I am required to spend the next five Saturdays learning how to be a foster parent. Yes, I am already trying to look at the bright side. Perhaps I can apply any new techniques I learn to the brand-new teenager in the house instead. That may be a better use of training.

However, I have made progress on an office for myself. I had to lay claim to my new office space like a homesteader staking out his land in the wild, wild, west. I had to fight off the Foos-ball table, the television, and the X-Box, for my own room. It was a gruesome battle and I have won.

Fighting for my own room.

Fighting for my own room.

Much like the pioneer days, the wind whistles through the cracks in the windows and the temps regularly fall below zero in my new office. But I am not to be deterred. It is a big room that gets warm with the sun and needs so much work that even I feel a little overwhelmed. I have plans for this space.

It all started with a red door that appeared in the driveway. I called my husband to ask where it came from and why was it there. He explained he had picked it up when someone advertised they were getting rid of it on Free-Cycle. He thought I could use it for my desk.

Brilliant! I was so excited! We even had red sawhorses in the basement to match. I love the view of our old house through the window.

The Red Door turned into a desk.

The Red Door turned into a desk.

After placing it on the sawhorses, I cleaned the door with Bona Wood Cleaner and repaired the veneer using Elmer’s Wood Glue and clamps. I removed the hinges and peephole so a piece of plexiglass would sit flat on the surface, making it usable for writing, drawing or sewing. I placed a chair on either side to welcome any new design clients that might appear, and I chose a paint color for the room.

Old red sawhorses support the desk.

Old red sawhorses support the desk.

Repairing the door.

Repairing the door.

Clamps holding the veneer flat.

Clamps holding the veneer flat

Removing the peephole.

Removing the peephole.

My son wants the peephole installed in his bedroom door. I may do it, just to humor him.

Office Art Wall.

Office Art Wall.

The things left to do on this porch are too long to list. But this is a start. Next up: Paint! I can’t wait to keep you updated on the progress. But first, I have to do my time in foster parent training class.

© copyright 2013 Mariam d’Eustachio.


6 thoughts on “Reusing an Old Red Door

  1. Stuart Martha gets bonus points for the biggest, heaviest valentine ever. I can’t wait to see it come together. Thanks again for your ideas this morning. My head is spinning. In a good way.

  2. Stuart Martha is already trying to take the class over. He may lead a revolt at some point. It is literally causing him physical pain to be in there. Margo, I am so glad to help! And I love this valentine! What a good metaphor!

  3. Having taken that class (ages ago) and other classes I could have taught, here is my advice to you: The paper you get at the end is required by some bureaucrat, so that is the goal. You may not get anything else from your time other than the slip of paper saying you attended, but it is worth it for the value of that slip. And (almost always) when I let go of my own frustration about being there, I always pick up a nugget of wisdom. Likely not from the facilitator, but most of the time from the other participants.
    And I adore the red door desk! Yay for your own room! ❤

  4. Ah…once again living vicariously through you. But my version of Tom Silva is designing and building an outdoor water feature/back deck combo.

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