The Buddy System

Friends don’t let friends paint floors alone… EVER! My friend was up for a dose of “Crazy Design 101” and was on her way over to help. It only took  a near miracle to carve out several hours of free time during the day to paint. This miracle involved engaging two Grandmas, one science team expedition, one friend, and one neighbor in exchange for a few hours in a row to work on the house.

The porch with fresh paint.

The porch with fresh paint.

My son went with a team of scientists to count salamanders. The official title of this expedition was Log-Flippin’. One Grandma was with Prima and the other Grandma was with the baby. All children were accounted for and my buddy was on the way.

The porch.

The porch.

Instead of blogging, or doing laundry, or anything else around here, I have been busy with this room. It is painted. The trim still needs a final coat of paint, but it is mostly painted. Every crack in the walls and ceiling has been repaired. The base coat color on the floor is done. It was time to begin marking the lines for the pattern that was to go on the floor.

No this is not an eye exam.

No, this is not an eye exam.

Friend and I got charged up with coffee… (ok, that was just me who did that) and got to work. We sharpened our pencils and gathered every T-Square and measuring device for at least one square mile around here, plucked up our courage, and marked the lines. She kept stopping every now and then to say something helpful like, “Uh oh” and “Oh no” and “Do you think this is straight enough?” and I mostly nodded and said with more confidence than I actually felt, “It’s great! Let’s just keep on going and see how it turns out.”

This job was not meant for one person. In order to get the pattern straight, we had to line up the grid using an 8 foot-long board that appeared to be straight. We used knee pads and took regular breaks for a Yoga-stretch, and I am still sore!

Frog Tape was a problem.

Frog Tape was a problem.

We ran into a few snags along the way. The Frog Tape, best known for not letting the paint bleed under and creating straight lines, was pulling up the base coat. I had to switch over to free-hand painting. The Frog Tape would have worked well on a regular surface like drywall, but not for concrete.

One row is done!

One row is done!

The long-term plan for this space is to put down tile, with a radiant heat underneath, that will serve as the main source of heat in the room. Until then, the painted floor will look great and serve as a conversation piece for many geometry lessons to come.  The first lesson learned from “Crazy Design 101,” is you should always have a design buddy you can call in a pinch, and mine is coming over on Wednesday to help me finish.

© copyright 2013 Mariam d’Eustachio.

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