“Become a Possibilitarian”

I am quoting a piece of fabric.

"become a possibilitarian"

“become a possibilitarian”

This whimsical lampshade grabbed my attention; “become a possibilitarian….” what does this mean? I felt drawn to the oblique shape of it, the colors and the bird, and the word “possibilitarian” stimulated my imagination. This was the perfect light for hanging over my desk.

A whimsical lampshade

A whimsical lampshade

A few additional accessories have given my office and sunporch a finished look. I hung my beloved peacock feather wreath on the window frame, bracketed by two old English-countryside landscapes. I hung them on top of the trim, creating a layered effect, and adding to the casual feeling of this space.

Peacock feather wreath.

Peacock feather wreath.

The art in this space is completely eclectic. A true reflection of me. The Vogue on the opposite wall, near my storage desk-hutch, is sleek and shiny, and a bit on the funky side.



The details are what make a space unique. I love this room and am thrilled to have such a creative place to work in. The possibilities are endless.

My office.

My office.

What is your definition of a “possibilitarian?”

© copyright 2013 Mariam d’Eustachio at Simply Turquoise.

8 thoughts on ““Become a Possibilitarian”

    • I got this lampshade in Lynchburg, at a store called “Urban Merchant.” The same store where Margo the dog works. They had two different shapes. A wide one, and a tall, skinny one.

  1. Margo the dog has good taste in her stock – I love that lampshade, too! 🙂 What a relaxing and cozy room – my fave too, so far! 🙂

  2. I have always loved the art opposite the vogue piece. Those geometric colors make me happy. I think happiness leads to being a possibilitarian…or is it the other way round?

    • Food for thought, but I think possibilitarian leads to happiness? Because the pursuit of possibilities leads one to dream big, and the act of dreaming big can cause one to be happy, and filled with hope that those dreams may be fulfilled. Next post: Philosophy 201

    • Oh, one more thing…. The geometric art is titled “The Flute Player,” and signed to me by a dear artist friend. I love it too and as an abstract, it has brought life to every space I’ve had it in!

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